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Need to share a printer, share internet between two computers, how about a full scale Voice and Data network for 100+ users. Whatever your need may be we can professionally install a high quality, upgradeable network for you.

Whole House Network

Ever dreamed of your entire house connected, Connections in every room, no more wires running along the walls or computers in specific rooms because the modem is there. Our Voice and Data drops per room are as low as $100 dollars just plug it into the wall. We can specifically design a communication enclosure for Voice, Data, Satellite TV, Cable, or Intercom and hide all them wires in a closet. 


Satellite Internet Installations

Need to install or relocate your satellite internet connection no problem. Need a more suitable location for that expensive equipment and a customized Communication enclosure to keep the connection on all the time as well as distribute the connection to all of your devices in need of internet. Lets set it up today.




VOIP Installations

Do you have satellite or cable internet and still paying the phone company for local and long distance. Stop the unneeded expense of an extra $100+ dollar phone bill a month. There are better and more cost effective services out there that simply use you existing internet connection for land based telephone lines. We can get your whole house up and running in no time.

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